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HEYRAN Beautiful Neck

There are many forest roads that when we drive on them, we are ecstatic about their beauty, because of the coolness and good air and the thick and green trees. For many of us, these images remind us of Chalus road in Iran or Asalem road to Khalkhal. But a little further away is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, a part of the Astara-Ardebil road, which has a beautiful nickname: HEYRAN NECK

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Heyran Tourism Village

About Heyran Tourism Village Corporation

Heyran tourism and tourist village is part of Heyran tourism company, which is a private joint stock company registered in Iran

The investor, Main shareholder , the main owner of the company is Mr. Ahmad Ali Rostami Namin, who works as the CEO

If you want fun and excitement, you can come to Heyran Tourism and Tourist Village at 35 km of Astara-Ardebil road, in the area known as Haji Amir, to find out the true meaning of a great effort in the heart of nature

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About His Excellency Mr. Rostami

*Mr. Ahmadali Rostami Nemini: A Pioneer in Entrepreneurship and Tourism Development*


Mr. Ahmadali Rostami Nemini, a distinguished entrepreneur born on June 22, 1958, in Nemini, Ardabil province, began his professional journey alongside colleagues in the ceramic industry, eventually establishing the Bisotun Tile Factory in Kermanshah province. He soon demonstrated his commitment and passion for the development and prosperity of his birthplace. With a visionary outlook, he decided to focus on enhancing tourism to initiate change and progress in Nemini, thereby contributing to job creation and introducing the region’s hidden attractions to the global community.


His journey into tourism development commenced with the inauguration of the Heyran Gondola Lift in 2005, which was founded with an initial investment of 250 billion Rials and equipped with machinery purchased from Austria, culminating in its completion in 2011. Mr. Rostami Nemini further enriched the Heyran Tourist Village with unparalleled facilities and international standards, including a rail sled from Germany, an electric train from Canada, electronic boats from Ukraine, bungee jumping from Italy, karting from Germany, and trampolines from Turkey, providing a unique and thrilling experience for tourists.


The latest achievement of this innovative entrepreneur is the construction and launch of the 5-star International Heyran Hotel, offering a new definition of luxury accommodation with its exquisite architecture and unique setting in a dreamlike environment. This hotel, spanning approximately 9,000 square meters over six floors, symbolizes Mr. Rostami Nemini’s commitment to high standards and creating exceptional experiences.


Mr. Rostami Nemini continues to strive towards his goal of transforming the Heyran Tourist Village into one of the premier tourist destinations in the Middle East and the world by installing the latest recreational and comfort facilities and equipment. His efforts are a testament to his unwavering determination to enhance the quality of tourism and create new opportunities for employment and economic prosperity in the region.