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Bungee jumping is an activity in which you have to put aside your fear and jump down from a relatively high height. In this fun, your life is safe and you can trust the protector and the spring rope that they have attached to you. You jump down from a high height and before you reach the ground, you are suspended in the air by the elasticity of your rope

In this activity, sometimes you jump down from the top of a crane, sometimes you experience jumping from a high platform with a height of more than 30 meters, and sometimes you are taken into the air by a helicopter and jump from there. The higher the altitude, the higher the excitement and the higher the adrenaline in your blood

Bungee jumping equipment

In order not to be deprived of the excitement of this fun, go to one of the bungee jumping clubs. There, you will be provided with the necessary tools and equipment, and you can leave yourself safely. These devices include

Vests called harnesses that you should wear for more protection

Leg braces and ankle braces are mandatory equipment

A rope with spring capability that usually has a plastic cover and can withstand sudden pressure and doubt. This rope is connected to the harness and ankle strap

safety tips

Each bungee jumping site applies a certain height and weight limit depending on its equipment, so pay attention to this point

Before you go to the top of the platform, if you have any special diseases, be sure to coordinate with the relevant official. Tell everyone about heart diseases, blood pressure, bone problems, etc. to see if this entertainment is suitable for you or not

Take off your glasses and contact lenses

Wear comfortable clothes and choose them according to the weather

Do not hesitate; Remember you only have a few seconds to jump or you might give up

By yelling, he didn’t seem cowardly. Remember that bungee is a way to release your excitement and shouting multiplies the pleasure

If you love excitement, fun like bungee jumping in  HEYRAN TOURISM VILLAGE is not something you can easily miss. Do not delay and take all your courage and go to this place. Throw yourself from above and throw away all your emotions and negative energies

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