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Karting or karting racing is a type of motor sport that is performed with open-wheeled vehicles called karts; 125 cc and small 4-wheeled cars whose wheels are outside the body and outside the fenders. These cars can only be used on go-kart tracks and have only recreational and sports aspects. Karting is known as the “mother” discipline of motor racing and plays an important role in the training of motor racing participants

:To use these cars, you have to enter the karting tracks, which are of two types

Indoor karting, which is in a closed space, and open karting, which is made in an outdoor space

: In terms of professionalism, there are two types of karting tracks

Professional tracks for holding international competitions and cups, which are created with strict supervision and rule

Rental rinks with recreational/commercial use that are built with much simpler rules

Of course, you don’t have to be Schumacher to experience the thrill of driving a car. Go-karts are allowed even for those who don’t have a license and everyone, including men and women, can enjoy riding it. You should know that there are two types of cards: rental cards for beginners and race cards for professionals. Rental cars, which are in the  HEYRAN TOURISM VILLAGE complex with 50 cars of this type, give ordinary people the opportunity to experience speed, and only a 5-minute training is needed to use them. Rentals do not exceed 70 km/h. Race cars are for racers and professionals and their speed reaches 180 km/h

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