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 Telecabin is a type of aerial lift that is usually used to move people or goods in mountainous areas

Riding a  Telecabin is one of the exciting and fun activities, with the help of which you can go to the middle of nature and enjoy the unique views and views in the heights. Using the Telecabin and sitting in a comfortable metal cabin, you will experience a short and memorable trip and pass through the mountains, forest and fog

HEYRAN  TELECABIN is considered the largest cable car in the northwest of the IRAN . This Telecabin , which was opened in 2010, is located in the TOURISM VILLAGE HEYRAN , between Astara and Namin of Ardabil Cities . The best entertainment here is perhaps the Telecabin that passes through the forests of Fandoghlo, and Babak Castle, one of the Sassanid era castles, can be seen from its cabins in the distance

HEYRAN TELECABIN is 1752 meters long. This  Telecabin have 33 normal cabins with a capacity of 6 people and three VIP cabins with leather-furnished seats, a refrigerator with catering equipment, a music system and smoked glass and a capacity of three people, and its speed is seven meters per second, which covers the whole route in eight minutes. passes through HEYRAN  TELECABIN also have 33 cabins for 6 people, which can transport 1350 passengers every hour

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