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All facilities in HEYRAN Tourist Village according to international standards and in cooperation with German companies; Austrian and French designed and manufactured, and at the same time we have tried to update the maintenance of the collection

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HEYRAN Beautiful Neck

There are many forest roads that when we drive on them, we are ecstatic about their beauty, because of the coolness and good air and the thick and green trees. For many of us, these images remind us of Chalus road in Iran or Asalem road to Khalkhal. But a little further away is one of the most beautiful roads in Iran, a part of the Astara-Ardebil road, which has a beautiful nickname: HEYRAN NECK


It is 632 km from Tehran to Heyran neck, about 7 hours and 30 minutes. If you are traveling from Tehran, you can take the Qazvin-Rasht highway and take the Astara route from Rasht .If you plan to go from Ardabil and you don't have a car, taxis can take you to the pass at the first entrance square of Ardabil city in IRAN

Sightseeing Places Heyran Neck

Except for the most exciting complex in Iran, which is located in HEYRAN called HEYRAN TOURISM VILLAGE , it can be said that it is the most important attraction here. The Heyran Neck that are covered with fog, on one side you can see the forests of Hyrkan National Park, belonging to Azerbaijan , and on the other side, there are few pastures and cows and sheep grazing between the grass and huts, just like a painting. The villages of this region are one of the attractions. Heyran village is located 30 km from Astara. The summer weather here is the best way to escape from the heat. Meshend village is located at the 18th kilometer of the Astara-Ardebil road. Mesh means bee in Talshi language, and Mashand means bee's place. This village also has amazing nature. Kashfi village is located 15 kilometers away from Astara, it is both calm and has a pleasant climate. The foothills of this area are suitable for mountaineering. The villages and heights of this area are of raspberry bushes.

Where is The HEYRAN's neck?

HEYRAN NECK is located on the way from Astara to Namin Ardabil in IRAN . The distance between this road and Ardabil is 45 minutes. In fact, HEYRAN is the name of a village in Astara, which consists of three villages: Lower HEYRAN , Middle HEYRAN , and Upper HEYRAN , and all of these are located in the tip of Gilan province in IRAN , the part that is adjacent to Ardabil province. Its name may be because of its crazy scenery. The HEYRAN area overlooks mountains covered with thick forests on one side and overlooks a valley on the other hand, which, due to the constant fog of the pass, makes one think it is very deep, when neither the area itself is very deep nor the valley. The height of the highest point above sea level is about 1500 meters, and the main reason for the almost permanent fog of Hiran Pass is the humidity of the Caspian Sea, not the high altitude of this pass. At the bottom of the valley, the Astarachai river passes, the same river that is the border between Gilan and Azerbaijan province in IRAN . The KNEC is 35 kilometers long, which is as surprising as its name. You can stop at some places, get some fresh and super cool air, and buy tea and buttermilk or honey, which is abundant here, and valuable souvenirs from the roadside stalls. Roadside restaurants have delicious and good kebabs, liver or shishlik.

Decorated and Clean Rooms

The HEYRAN TOURISM VILLAGE complex has a 5-star hotel with a total area of 8,381 square meters on 5 floors with a very eye-catching architecture with 72 suites of 60 square meters to 75 square meters and two VIP suites in a completely green and dreamy paradise-like environment.