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Zip line is one of the exciting entertainments that has opened its place among different strata these days and has won the hearts of thrill lovers. This entertainment, which consists of simple components such as a hanging cable They connect at the high point) and also a pulley to slide on the rope as well as safety equipment such as special clothes (harness) and hat.

Zipline is considered as one of the exciting or extreme entertainments, which is installed in various natural areas, parks and other areas and will be added day by day to those interested in this fascinating field and entertainment all over the world

Each zip line is designed for a specific height and weight range; So keep this point in mind

If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, do not go ziplining

In case of problems with the spine and any other special problems, be sure to inform the operator

The total length of Heyran zipline cable is 1250 meters and its height is more than 60 meters in some places. All structures were assembled and installed by French engineers and technicians, so that it can be called the longest and highest zipline in the Middle East

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